Portfolio Mode

Professional employees will examine their own practice in relation to the Danielson’s Framework for Teaching or a The Pennsylvania Department of Education approved alternative system and reflect in a written report and/or documented discussions with colleagues. Portfolios may be developed according to criteria established collaboratively by the administrator and the teacher based upon their interests or needs. Resources, data collection tools, and the results of the reflective sessions should be shared with the principal and used as evidence in the supervision and evaluation of the employee.

A teacher portfolio is an anthology of achievements that the teacher has accomplished, both in the classroom and elsewhere. It is a personal document that is designed to display the teacher’s talents and proficiency, and it demonstrates a teacher’s knowledge and skills. What the teacher includes is always a matter of intent. The teaching portfolio describes and documents multiple aspects of a person’s teaching ability. It is a mechanism and space for reflecting upon one’s teaching.

The format of a portfolio can vary considerably, but an effective portfolio should be structured, representative, and selective. It is structured in that it should be organized, complete, and creative in its presentation. In addition to attending to structure, the portfolio also should be comprehensive and should be representative of one’s work. The natural tendency for anyone preparing a portfolio is to document everything. However, careful attention should be given to conciseness and selectivity in order to appropriately document one’s work.


Portfolio Mode Resources
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