General Art Class

Ever wondered about some of the benefits of high school art classes? In addition to a different type of thinking and opening a flood of creativity, art classes provide additional advantages for growing teens. There are numerous lessons that art classes provide to students that other classics, like typical mathematics and science courses, cannot.


Photojournalism will consist of imaginative ways to tell stories using photography. Photojournalism can be an art itself. It introduces students to the world of photography and journalism. The law, ethics, and history of photography will complement the units of study to focus on aspects of the middle school yearbook sections including sports, academics, clubs/activites, teachers, students and community. Students will also learn operation and care for multiple cameras, photo editing techniques and teamwork/ management skills.

Students will be asked to do their own research and use programs such as Animoto, PhotoStory, Prezi, and PhotoShop to begin sharing their work.

The Loyalsock Township School District’s Moodle site will be used to  access and submit work.


Digital Photography

This course will help the students become well rounded in the fundamentals of digital photography. Students will, generally, receive basic instruction, demonstration, and see samples of the desired outcomes, at the beginning of each period.  They will be allowed to go outside and shoot assignments, based on what they are learning. Perhaps the most useful part of classroom instruction will be daily reviews of photos students have shot the previous day(s).


Advanced Digital Photography

The Advanced Digital Photography students continue to build skills both in taking photos using digital cameras and also in production in using Industry Standard software such as Adobe Suite for digital editing.


Textiles and Jewelry

The textiles and  jewelry program offers instruction in a wide variety of techniques and materials for creating art. Students use basic principles of design and introductory construction techniques for the project.

Drawing and Painting I

Introduction to observational drawing techniques, structure, and various media. Includes analysis of drawing elements and applied creative problems. Subject matter includes linear perspective, still life, and life drawings.


Drawing and Painting II

Advanced drawing techniques and structures in various media. Includes analysis of drawing elements and applied creative problems. Subject matter includes interiors, still life, and life drawing.


AP Studio 2-D

An advanced art course in which students are encouraged to develop themes and explore stylistic possibilities. Emphasis is placed upon conceptual problem solving and experimental approaches to the process of drawing. Students are encouraged to consider visual issues such as dramatic scale, serial imagery, and media usage. Students work with still life, the human figure, and non-objective forms in pursuing a more individualistic connection with drawing.


A.P. Studio Art 3-D

For Studio Art 3-D,  advances concepts necessary for designing in three-dimensional space. Emphasis on the application of design principles through the construction of three-dimensional design projects, as well as through the development of a working formal design vocabulary.

Foundations of V.Arts

Study of the history and Foundation of V.Arts and of the ways in which the past will help students better understand current and future design applications. Emphasis on research of different movements and the computer graphics revolution.


Portfolio Development 

If you’re starting your final year at school or college and want to study art and design at college or university, then no doubt you will already be thinking about preparing your portfolio. The purpose of this course is to help students design and development of a portfolio for entry into the art and design field. Emphasis on concept development, execution of artwork, and the representation of identity.


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