MS Make-Up Work

If you miss a day or more in art class here are some ideas you can choose from to make up your 5 point participation grade per class period.


The Fashion Designer

Pretend that you are a fashion designer. Design an outfit. Draw you image in pencil first then add color to your work. Make sure when coloring your work, that you indicate not only what the fabric will look like but label that fabric as well. In other words, if the shirt will be silk and the jacket and pants will be denim, you need to label that on your final piece. Mrs. Sekel wants you to draw a background behind the model to show where the best place is to wear the outfit you design. Do not forget accessories that go with the outfit. Draw those on the side of your paper large so I can see what they would look like up close. Then, label what the accessories will be made out of and color these in as well. When finished Mrs. Sekel would like you to write 100 words on why you created the outfits you did and how you came up with your ideas.


The Engineer

Pretend that you are a locomotive engineer. Design a car, boat, plane, motorcycle etc. Add interesting gadgets or features to the item you are drawing. Examples could be how a car could also become a plane and the buttons that make that change happen. Make detailed drawings of the exterior (outside) interior (inside), the dash, and other features that are needed for your moving vehicle. When completed write a 100 word essay on what this vehicle does and how you came up with the idea.


The Zoologist 

Use your imagination! Draw an animal in a strange environment. The animal may be real or imaginary. Mrs. Sekel have seen elephants in fish bowls and Mrs. Sekel has seen cows flying in the sky. On a second page draw what the animal eats as well as in 100 words tell me about the animal’s habits. Mrs. Sekel wants to know when the animal sleeps, how many babies it has during the year, whether or not the animal lives in a herd or alone, etc. Be creative but give me all the information to understand the creature and its living habits.


The Animator

Pretend that you are a cartoon animator. Draw yourself and/or someone you know as a cartoon, a background must be included. Mrs. Sekel wants a 100 word story on the back of your work telling me what is happening in the cartoon.


Locker Life

Fold your sketch paper in half. On the front cover draw the front of your locker and any decorations it may have. On the inside two sides, draw what the inside of your locker looks like, the left side is the inside door and the right side is what’s inside. Be sure to include everything that is in your locker. Color in the work completely.


Where’s Mrs. Sekel

Your favorite environment. Draw an everyday scene, such as a day at the zoo, park, game, carnival, etc, but add 5 hidden pictures or draw 5 things within the picture that are bizarre, but not immediately obvious to the viewer. One the back of the paper and describe the items Mrs. Sekel needs to find. Think of the Where’s Waldo games, make it difficult!

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