Schick Computer Labs

The computer lab is integrated into all areas of the curriculum as an extension of the classroom. A full-time computer assistant is present for all computer lab classes.  Students are given assignments that are planned to coincide with current classroom studies. Early grades are taught basic computer skills. Older students are taught keyboarding skills, the use of Microsoft Office, internet safety and research skills.

Internet access is available, however students must have technology permission slips on file before they are allowed to use it. The lab maintains a list of students whose parents might deny permission to use the internet and all means possible are used to abide by our parents’ wishes. Our district uses iBoss blocking software that prohibits students from accessing adult oriented, illegal, racist or school cheating materials.

Practice in the Computer Lab
  1. Logging on by typing our usernames and passwords
  2. Logging off our account
  3. Appropriate Computer Lab behavior
  4. Demonstrating how to open the internet and how to close and maximize/minimize windows
  5. Exploring these websites:


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