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The students here at the Donald E. Schick Elementary will access the lab along with their classroom teachers to complete various project in their classes. This page has been designed to help students in the area of classroom technology. This section of the website is a work in progress, and will be continually updated.


Research Through the Internet

Before you begin searching the internet you should consider the following:

  • Think about the information you are searching for. Is it likely to be available for free?
  • Would a print or other electronic source be more appropriate, e.g. an encyclopedia or a database of refereed journal articles that are available in the library?
  • Would it be better to use a search engine or a subject directory?
  • What words would best describe your subject? Try to be as precise as possible.

To search effectively it is important that you consider exactly what question you are trying to answer. This is called developing a search strategy. Following the steps below will help you to simplify your question:

  1. What is your topic?
  2. What are the key concepts in your question? List them.
  3. Are there other ways in which you can express these key concepts?

When you have completed these steps you will have a list of terms with which to commence your search. If you do not understand all the terms involved in your topic consult an encyclopedia or dictionary, or ask a tutor or a librarian.

Technology Resources


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