Circulation Policy

All students are encouraged to check out library books every visit to the library. Each class visits the library once per scheduled cycle for the period of one hour. During this visit students have to opportunity to check-out library books of interest. Each student is allowed to check-out two books per library period, with the exception of Kindergarten, they may chose one book per period.
Library books are circulated on a three week time period. Although students are encouraged to return their books every week. The date on the due date label is your students next scheduled library day. This allows for students to keep checking out books. If books are not returned students may not check out again until their books have been returned. Reference books may not be removed from the library. Students are encouraged to utilize these resources in the library.
If books are not returned within the three week period a fine is imposed at the rate of 10 cents per school day. These fines must be paid in order for students to continue checking out books. If a book has been lost or damaged the replacement cost must be paid to the school district. If the book is found please return it to the library and your replacement cost minus the fine will be refunded to you.
This policy is in place to ensure that all students have equal access to library materials.  The library staff hopes that your child enjoys the process of book check-out. It is a great way to encourage young readers.
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