Middle and High School Music Courses

(HS) Digital Studio Recording     speaker2


Explore the features and capabilities of GarageBand, and unlock the full potential of your songs by learning to use the program in a musical, rather than technical way. This course covers the basics of GarageBand: understanding the program’s interface, basic mixing techniques and simple loops, as well as more advanced techniques including the use of effects and constructing complete arrangements that suit your musical needs. You’ll learn how to record using both software and real instruments. Whether you want to compose your own songs using GarageBand’s unique recording environment, or you’re just curious about making songs using loops, this course will take you through a series of hands-on activities that will provide students of all levels with a broad overview of all the tools and techniques you’ll need to make your music interesting and distinctive.

(MS-6th grade) World Drumming hand drummer_001


Students who take this course will learn to understand and demonstrate the value and techniques of cooperative teamwork. Each student will learn to improvise new drumming ensemble patterns which are complementary to those plays by another student. Learn about rhythm of other cultures from around the world.

High School Guitar guitar3


This course is designed for students without experience on guitar including basic chords, finger picking, strums, and basic patterns for the leading of music in a school setting. The course is broken up into two marking periods. Every student who works during class is guaranteed to be able to play fairly well by the end of the course.


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