Instrumental Lessons

The Music Department’s primary goal is to insure all students enrolled in band are happy and successful. Below are four options open to the students for lesson attendance. Please feel free to communicate any scheduling issues or other concerns with Robert Leidhecker or call (570)323-9439 ext. 1358.


Click the link below for the current lesson schedule.

lesson schedule 2015 Sept


Here are 4 options for instrumental lessons at the middle school:

Option 1

Students may attend their regularly scheduled lesson, as found on the printed lesson schedule/calendar. All students should report to the class they are going to miss first, to notify the teacher that they have a band lesson, and also to get any assignments or homework. Students should then proceed to the band room for their band lesson.


Option 2 

If a students cannot attend their scheduled lesson due to a test, test review, class project, etc., they may sign up for a make-up lesson.  Make up lessons are offered every Friday during the 1st, 2nd ,8th, and 9th  periods. A “Make-up Lesson Sign-up” sheet is located on the desk in the band room for the students to reserve a period for make-up lessons. Make-up lessons are by appointment only. Students still must check with their classroom teacher before coming to a make-up lesson.


Option 3

Students may make-up a lesson immediately after school at 3:00. Students should make an appointment with Mr. Leidhecker ahead of time to insure there are no conflicts with other lessons, rehearsals, or meetings. In most cases the after school lessons will conclude by 3:30, depending on the number of students attending.


Option 4

Students may be exempt from band lessons at school if they take regular private lessons on their instrument outside of school. Mr. Leidhecker will then communicate with the student’s private teacher as to his/her progress and grade.

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