Vocal Performance Program

Loyalsock singers are all part of a greater musical community of students that learn from one another, care about one another, and have excellent musical and social experiences together. In addition to learning how to give a great performance, our students are also becoming more skillful, creative, and critical thinkers as well as more engaged, reflective, and compassionate people. Students in the vocal music program are some of the luckiest students at Loyalsock, because singing is a wonderful thing.

Student leadership, cutting-edge technology, and peer collaboration are all integral parts of the Loyalsock vocal performance education. Beyond the regular rehearsal, students are given extensive opportunities to broaden the musical experiences through our Co-Curricular Ensembles, Vocal Music Festivals, and Musical Theater productions.
The entire program rests on a foundation of our four values. These qualities regularly guide what we do and remind us of what is important:
  • Community – we are a team and a family.
  • Personal Growth – we are here to learn and grow as human beings.
  • Open-Mindedness – we are flexible and open to new ideas, people, and music.
  • Work Ethic – we want to be good at what we do so we can have a great time doing it


Don’t forget to participate in our surveys:

  • Vocal Music Parent Survey 
  • Vocal Music Student Survey 
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