Choral Auditions

The following information pertains to auditions for both the Co-Curricular Ensembles and the PMEA District Chorus Festival. All auditions will included an unaccompanied performance of “Achieved is the Glorious Work” by Haydn.

You will need to learn this piece on your own (however, after Co-Curricular Ensemble auditions, Mr Saville-Iksic will help interested students prepare for the PMEA audition). Use the audio links below to practice your part:

Soprano Practice Track

Alto Practice Track

Tenor Practice Track

Bass Practice Track

Dates for Auditions
Date Group  Location Details
N/A Co-Curricular Ensembles N/A Audition-interviews for the Co-Curricular Ensembles have closed.
10.19.2014 PMEA District Chorus Williamsport High School Students and parents must complete the following paperwork before attending the audition:

Return completed forms to Mr. Saville-Iksic by 10.08.2014.

Choral Audition Resources 
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