Jazz Auditions

The following information will help you prepare for the PMEA All-State Vocal Jazz Ensemble audition. Please also refer to the info sheet on the top of your audition packet for a full explanation of requirements. Use the following recordings to practice



You audition will be totally unaccompanied. You may change the key to suit you range. Two different keys are provided below. There is also an example of the song being sung.

“Stardust” Low Piano Only

“Stardust” Low with Voice

“Stardust” High Piano Only

“Stardust” High with Voice

Days of Wine and Roses 

You audition will be totally unaccompanied. Instead of singing the lyrics, you will sing the melody using scat syllables. A track with a band accompaniment is provided to help you with style.

“Days of Wine and Roses” Low Melody Only

“Days of Wine and Roses” Low with Band

“Days of Wine and Roses” High Melody Only

“Days with Wine and Roses” High with Band

But Not for Me
For your audition, you will sing the lyric through one chorus (one time through the first and second endings). You should primarily stick to the melody, but you may embellish it in ways that are stylistically appropriate. Then improvise over two more chorus. An example is provided for you (not the best improvisation, but it gives you an idea). Your audition will be performed with the “band only” track.

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