Vocal Music Festivals

 Every year, students in both middle and high school can attend a wide array of music festival. When students participate in these special events they have the opportunity to learn new music, meet students from other school districts, and work with talents guest conductor from all over the country. Below is a chronological list of festivals for the school year.

Date Event Location Eligibility
10.31.2014 Young Men’s Choral Festival Mansfield University Boys Grades 7-9 (Selection: Mr. Saville-Iksic)
11.14.2014 Junior High County Chorus Saint John Neumann High School Students grades 7-9 (Selection: Mr. Saville-Iksic)
01.22.2015-01.24.2015 PMEA District 8 Chorus Shikellamy High School Singers and pianists grades 10-12 (Selection: Live Panel Audition)
02.26.2015-02.28.2015 PMEA Region IV Chorus Milton Area High School All District Chorus participants (Selection: Live Panel Audition)
05.25.2015-05.28.2015 PMEA All-State Chorus Hershey, PA

Singers participating in Region Chorus (Selection: Live Panel Audition)

Pianists Grades 10-12 (Selection: Recorded Audition)

05.25.2015-05.28.2015 PMEA All-State Vocal Jazz  Hershey, PA  Singers/Pianists Grades 10-12 (Selection: Recorded Audition)
 TBA PMEA District 8 Vocal Jazz  TBA  Singers/Pianists Grades 9-12 (Selection: Recorded Audition)
 TBA Man Choir  Temple University N/A
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