Grades 9-10 Physical Education and Fitness 
Prerequisite: None

This course will include individual , team sports and activities. Classroom work throughout the semester will be integrated to enhance the course. This course must be taken in your 9th and 10th grade year.

Prerequisite: Grades 9-10 Physical Education and Fitness

This course is required during the junior or senior year. The Wellness Course is designed to include all areas of Wellness (nutrition, decision making, various health topics etc.) Classroom work throughout the course is a major part of learning. Activities will be used to enhance learning both in the classroom, gymnasium, weight room or on the track/field. This course is not a traditional physical education course where sports dominate in the class.

Fitness and Sport
Elective (1.0 Credits)
Prerequisite: None

This class will focus on active life-styles. It will provide a sound framework for the student to learn and demonstrate their movement knowledge and skills in individual and team settings. Safety and good sportsmanship will be a point-of-emphasis. Physical Fitness, Conditioning and Wellness will be stressed. A variety of team sports are offered.

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