Graduation Requirements

Students are required to earn 28 credits, which must include the following courses for graduation:

4 Credits

4 Credits

Social Studies
4 Credits

4 Credits

1.5 Credits

Freshman Seminar and Technology Course
1 Credit

Senior Seminar Course

.5 Credit

Law & Finance
1 Credit 

Planned courses in approved electives needed to meet the total number of credits required for graduation.

Proficiency in Keystone Exams


*Beginning with: Class of 2014
1. In accordance with the laws and regulations of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, one type of high school diploma shall be issued for high school graduation.
2. Only those students completing requirements for graduation shall be permitted to participate in commencement exercises.
3. Students deficient in not more than one credit shall seek approval for, register, pay tuition, and show proof of registration and payment for the summer school course prior to the commencement exercises. A school administrator is the approving authority. The diploma is granted when the school receives proof of satisfactory completion of the credit. This must be accomplished NO LATER THAN August 31 of the SAME YEAR in which the student would participate in commencement.
4. Students may choose not to participate in the commencement exercises and may obtain their diploma from the high school office the day following commencement.

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